1.Background and purpose in establishing this site are given by clicking on the bar to the left labeled "Purpose." 

 2. Presently available: PowerPoints (Equine Larynx, Equine Paranasal Sinuses, Exploring the Equine Abdomen, and Canine Inguinal Ligament), Drawings (Canine Skull Drawings, Ruminant Limbs1), and Illustrated Texts (the remaining subjects identified to the left). These can each be obtained by clicking on the appropriate bar in the column to the left. All of these materials can be downloaded and you are free to use any of these in any way that you find useful. This is fairly well spelled out in the statement provided in the bar labeled "Purpose."

      -Histology, all systems
      -Embryology, all systems
      -Anatomy, all systems
      -General subjects

3.  October 2, 2014. It has been more than a year since I have added to this site. Eq Thx Limb 3 is finished; it deals chiefly with muscle and bone topography at mid-humeral and elbow level. I am now working on the equine stifle joint: anatomy, function, and palpation. If there is a particular area that you are interested in, I may still be able to deal with it. I emphasize this statement as sometimes I note  that a visitor will spend only a second on a page and then move on or leave the site. this suggests to me that the person was looking for something and did not find  it. I want to know what areas  persons are interested in and will try to accommodate or, at least, discuss it with you. Send a message telling me what you want. Use this email address: achorowitz@gmail.com.
   I finished working on the anatomy of the tongue, pharynx, and hyoid apparatus, which deals with the anatomy and certain aspects of physiology and the clinical application of mechanisms involved in swallowing. The bar to click is at the bottom of the list to the left and is labelled "AnatSwallowing." 

    It  is taking me too long to finish textual presentations and it is likely that, in future, I will simply publish drawings with a brief explanation. Persons who want to use the drawings from this site in an anatomical or other text are free to use them. I would like you to acknowledge this website as the source so others will know of this site; but this is not a requirement for your use of the figures. However, if a drawing is noted to have been drawn by a named artist, that must be acknowledged. The pen and ink and pencil drawings, which are not shown as having been prepared by a particular artist, are my own. I do not see colors well and that is why my own drawings are in black and white or pencil. I use color only with labelled colored pencils or Photoshop.

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