Background and Purpose

     By way of introduction, I graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University in 1959, was a Graduate Fellow at Iowa State (59-60) and was a graduate student and taught at Ohio State and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, for 17 years. From 1976-1990, I left the teaching of anatomy and practiced law. From 1991-2009, I returned to the teaching of anatomy. This second period of teaching anatomy was at the University of Zimbabwe (91-94), Oregon State (94-96), Ross University (96-2008), and from 2008-2009, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, a medical school on the island of St. Kitts.

     I have always had a keen interest in anatomy and even as an undergraduate at Ohio State I was one to make drawings of the anatomy that I discovered with my dissections. Chiefly I preferred to work with accomplished artists and worked with several of them, some for extended periods. These artists, whose work is acknowledged here in each of their many drawings, were Batvin (Bud) Kramer, Judith Poole, Lynne Greenough, and David Stewart Geary. Bud Kramer was a medical illustrator at Ohio State while I was there. Judith Poole, Lynne Greenough, and Dave Geary were at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, where I taught from 1966-1972. I also want to acknowledge the considerable help of Robert E. Habel, Professor of Anatomy at Cornell during most of the time that I was working in anatomy. Many others also helped me in this work.

     The result is that, at the age of 79, I find myself with thousands of drawings, some published and many unpublished. These drawings were initially prepared for publication but I never could "catch up" with myself to get it done. The main reason for this website is to allow others to see this work and my understanding of anatomy and its function, and to use these drawings as each would see fit. The viewer is free to copy and use any of these drawings, including the drawings in the different written presentations and powerpoint presentations, as the viewer would see fit. My aim is mainly to allow these materials to be used in a way that would further anatomical science and the practice of medicine.

     Aaron Horowitz, 27 July 2010

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